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The Boyfriend Tag

I think you are all ready to formally YouTube-meet my boyfriend Mark! If you know me through this blog, you (most likely) already know about Mark because I write a lot about our adventures together. If you are just learning about Mark right now, long […]

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Motivation Monday #23

(Photo by Julia Caesar) I want to inspire people. I want someone to look at me and say, “Because of you, I didn’t give up.” Happy Motivation Monday! ♡ Related Links: » Motivation Mondays » My Pinterest Board of Personally-Picked Quotes » Uplifting Music Playlist: My Life Anthems

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After-Rain Weather

I am so glad the skies cleared up after all that rain. I felt like my fingers were icicles attached to my body and they were about to fall off. Even worse, when we went from the streets to the underground subways, I felt like […]

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Unintentional Wedding Crasher

The other night the teacher leader’s and I went to Chinatown for legitimate non-Panda-Express Chinese food at Golden Unicorn Restaurant. If you are wondering, did she write “unicorn”? Yes, unicorn. The night was very interesting and surely one for the books. I got stuck in an elevator, […]

New York City Freedom Tower Lights Up for Pride LOVEWINS

First Day in New York

When my plane landed at the airport, I had an overwhelming emotion of happiness. I thought to myself, I am actually in New York. I also thought… what an amazing day. This morning I ate a super healthy spinach omelet, I rode with Virgin America for the first time, […]

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How To Vlog

A friend of mine asked me for advice about how to vlog. She is the not the first person to ask me, so I thought I would make a quick “how-to” video for you all. I do not consider myself a “vlogging expert,” but I have been doing this whole video blogging thing since 2006… so most of what I say in this video is from my personal experience. If you have not done so already, check out my vlog channel to see all the behind-the-scenes, uncut, unedited, unscripted version of my life.

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Motivation Monday #22

Don’t let small minds tell you your dreams are “too big”. Happy Motivation Monday! ♡ Related Links: » Motivation Mondays » My Pinterest Board of Personally-Picked Quotes » Uplifting Music Playlist: My Life Anthems

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Splat Hair Chalk Mint Candy RaleighWrites

How To Use Hair Chalk

My hair is blue and I love it! In this video, I used the Splat Hair Chalk in Mint Candy. The key points about using hair chalk is that it is (1) very messy, (2) very temporary, and (3) very fun to use. I am always changing my hair color, so this newly discovered hair chalk is the answer to my hair color indecisiveness. I can change my hair color many times without damaging it profusely. Enjoy the tutorial and let me know what you think on twitter @RachelBulosan

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Walking Through Vineyard

Black and White

My mom, sister, niece, and I never plan to match our outfits, yet by coincidence we always do. We went to San Luis Obispo for my cousin’s graduation party and wore an arrangement of black and white outfits. The party was held on a ranch […]

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Hannah’s Graduation Party

I cannot believe my little Hannah is graduated from high school. She may be going off to college this fall and she may be “Instagram Famous“… but no matter how much time goes by, she will always be the dorky little kid who tells the […]

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