Natural State

Rachel Bulosan is back Rachel Bulosan is back 2

This is my hair in its most natural state: uncurled, unstraighted, airdryed, and simply me. I just realized that I haven’t been taking many photos with me in my short hair, so here ya go! Today I felt very content. The thought of the semester finally coming to an end is comforting and I just cannot wait for the month of December! I’m currently editing a vlog of what I’ve been up to lately while I wait for Mark to pick me up. We are going out to watch an early premiere of The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part I!!! I remember the first time I read the series… Every time I came across family and friends who did not know about it, I begged them to read it and relish in the awesomeness. Can’t wait to see my homegirl Jennifer Lawrence kill it on screen!

Are YOU watching the premiere tonight?!


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Real is Beautiful

Graphic designer Nickolay Lamm brought his Lammily doll to St. Edmund’s Academy in Pittsburgh to see how students would react to a doll that shows “reality can be beautiful.” (

A more realistic barbie was made by a company called Lammily. I came across this article on The Washington Post while reading up on news and I found the 2nd graders’ reactions to be awesome. It shows how children, at an early age, are not influenced heavily by the media in creating insecurities or shaping this idea of beauty as someone who is perfect, unproportionally skinny, and flawless (skin-wise). I personally found it funny when I first saw the acne stickers for the Lammily doll, but it is so REAL. I have had acne since my senior year of high school when puberty kicked in and since then I have been struggling with it because of stress, lack of sleep, and nutrition. My immune system is not as strong anymore so I also get acne when I have an allergic reaction to something (and I probably said this before, but I am allergic to almost everything). I plan to buy a first edition Lammily doll for all my goddaughters. It’s important for them and everyone child to know that true beauty comes in imperfections.


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Let’s be humans

We live so much of our lives
without telling anyone

-Joseph Millar

A few weeks ago, my poetry class discussed the influences of Frank Gaspar and Joseph Millar was one of them. I remember coming across the quote (above) in the poem “Telephone Repairman” by Joseph Millar and I also remember letting it sit in my mind for quite some time. The poem represents telephone lines and phone calls as everyday connections between people. The poem is also about loneliness and disappointment. I love these two lines the most because it truly captures HUMANITY very well. We do live our lives day by day without telling anyone! I’m a blogger and I write about my days and nights and adventures, but there are still somethings I don’t say. So, here’s my challenge for you: connect with someone by telling them something interesting about your life or something mundane as “I ate a croissant. I love croissants.” LOL, just do it, but don’t be creepy…


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ASIDE: Some other Frank Gaspar influences include — Christopher Buckley, Liz Robbins, and Frank O’Hara. Check out their poems as well if you liked this quote.

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Quote of the Day

Pray hardest when it is hardest to pray.

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I just got out of my class and I have to say… I ’twas the most vulnerable I have ever felt this entire semester. Today was my day amongst five other students to present a poem written in the specific poetry forms we are currently studying. I had the sonnet form and I absolutely made it personal. It reflected this point in my life where all I see is chaos and overwhelming sense of responsibilities. So, when I read my poem… I never truly revealed how personal it was, but hearing their critiques not only about my form, but about the meaning behind my poem was intense. The class began talking about my poem through the “speaker” and not through me as a writer, so it was nice to hide behind that curtain. They talked about how it is a reflection of mental health and about expectations. The whole conversation scared me how much they were all on point. I felt vulnerable. My poems are a piece of me I usually never share with anyone. Poetry is more of a therapeutic escape rather than sometime I want to showcase. I’m glad they enjoyed it though.

XO Rachel

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