CAUTION! Banned Books

Tumblr Books National Literacy Month 2

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At one point or another, governments and insititutions banned these books.  We recommend you do not read these for your own safety.


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First Impression: PDS Lipstick


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Happy 23rd Birthday Joyce!


We were meant to be best friends from the start and YOU & Mark were meant to have the same birthday so I could kill two birds with one stone every year 😜 Happy 23rd Birthday to @jyejilee! To my workout partner, and the one who laughs at my jokes when no one else laughs — to the girl who is as poised as a ballerina (but has never done ballet before) — to the strongest, most independent role model I could ever ask for… And to my best friend in this whole wide world who keeps me sane when stress kicks in — I love you so much and I say it many times but I am SO grateful to have you in my life. I hope your wishes, goals, and dreams come true, but if some of them falter always know I’m here to catch you. #bestfriend #JoyceLee #love #happybirthday #holesinherpants

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Happy 23rd Birthday Mark!


Happy 23rd Birthday to my ultimate lovey, Mark Aguirre! You are my best friend, my support system, and my mind reader. I am blessed to have watched you grow from that boy I met our freshman year of high school to the man you are today. I love our silly conversations and our intellectually stimulating conversations. I love our brunches and late night snacks together. I love how we never get bored of each other even after spending 24/7 together. I look forward to the many years to come with you by my side as we grow old together. I love you bacon&eggs! and I know you’re super busy with school right now, but keep your head up babes. I’m down for a study date with you anytime.


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I thought I knew where I was going with this blog

This morning started off on the wrong foot. Yup, it is one of those days. I stayed up late studying and finishing a paper and woke up a little late. Biking to school felt like I was racing in a triathlon. I am also beating my head against a wall thinking about how I did not make my YouTube videos for the week again! I refuse to give up on this #BeShameless journey/challenge.

IMG_8805 {Photo from Miss Garden Grove rehearsals}

IMG_8808 IMG_8810

{Photo of girls at Tonti Residence for Miss America pool party!}

Anyway, yesterday was super fun hanging out with the Miss GG girls. I was amazed by the caliber of talent in this year’s competition. I think every girl should win a crown :) After talent check, we headed over to the Jessica’s house (thank you Tonti family for having us!) to swim, eat, and watch Miss America (congrats Miss New York, Kira Kazantsev). It frustrates me that so much hate was/is going around about the pageant itself and about the now-reigning Miss America 2015. I could not put it into better words than one of my pageant friends from Miss City of Orange 2013, Amanda Starrantino (reposting with her permission from her Facebook):

“My thoughts on Miss New York winning the Miss America crown… Even before Kira Kazantsev of New York was crowned Miss America on live television, many people took to Facebook/Twitter ridiculing her for her talent. Just after her crowning moment, the comments got worse. However, many people making these statements have never stepped foot on the Miss America stage, or even a pageant stage in their life.

Miss America is not all about talent – that is only a percentage of the total score. There is also an interview portion that no one but the judges get to see, evening gown, on stage question, and swimsuit. Women prepare for a night like tonight their entire lives. Instead of supporting these women for being confident and inspirational role models – people are instead making fun of the fact that they are extremely successful young women.

So please, for the respect of women and men who dedicate much of their lives to these organizations, cut back on the negativity and appreciate the fact that these women are trying to be positive examples of what being an American woman is all about: service, style, scholarship, and success (the four points of the Miss America crown). Each woman on stage tonight possessed those traits and also worked very hard to gain them.

While these women are making a courageous example of being a well-rounded individual, what example are you making of yourself when disgracing them on social media? Because if you do your research, you will find that each contestant on stage tonight did not just end up there because of her looks, but rather her ability to be a leader and a strong representative of her state.

Congratulations to Kira and all the beautiful and talented women who rocked it on stage this evening at Miss America Organization!”


{Photo of us watching Miss America together}

After the Miss America buzz and staying off social media for a good six hours (avoiding any spoilers on Twitter and Instagram), I tried on my perfect evening gown and potential interview attire! I’m doing my best to spend close to nothing for this pageant so I’m utilizing my resources and asking around to borrow and try out dresses. (Thank you Shannon and Jessica!) Then, I hung out with Emily and time flew while we were talking. A little after 12am, I visited my boyfriend, Mark to say “Happy Birthday!” to him. We made a super late Mexican food run to Albert Tacos (Orange, Ca) which led me to my super late studying. I regret nothing though. I know I really needed girl-time and having that time with the Miss GG girls was perfect. I also don’t regret seeing Mark at 12am and spending time with him because I have been visiting him on his birthday morning for five years now, I refuse to stop the tradition now.


{Photo of some of the Miss GG girls}

So, I woke up late and I thought I would have a horrid rest of the day because I started it off on the wrong foot… but now that I’m blogging, I have no reason to be negative. I am so blessed to be surrounded by genuine people and to be ALIVE and healthy right now. I thought I knew where I was going with this blog… but I guess I really don’t. So, thanks for reading through my random rambles if you have gotten this far. Have a wonderful day! & stay cool… (It is 82 degrees in California. It is not as bad as Las Vegas, but it is still pretty hot considering I had to bike my sweaty-self to school for 10 miles.)





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#MotivationMonday Talk about your joys ♡




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Miss Garden Grove Poster Day!


{Who will wear the Miss Garden Grove crown in 20 days?!}

Today was a successful day! The Miss Garden Grove 2015 contestants plastered the town with posters for pageant day. I cannot believe it is in 20 days time. The girls and I met at the Garden Grove Fire Station and went through a tour of the place. They had three refrigerators and a library! While that was my awe-moment, some of the girls wanted to see the infamous firefighter pole. I thought it was cool how the pole had a secret door. The firefighters were very kind and patient with us when we were taking loads of pictures inside, next to, and on the firetruck. Thanks for having us guys!

After the fire station, the girls split into groups to divide and conquer. I was in Missy’s car with Emma, Selina, and Maddie. We visited our sponsors and posted posters there, walked through Main Street and posted posters there, and ended up at Louie’s for lunch. Louie’s On Main is delicious! I highly recommend it!


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My Experience Rushing ΚΨΕ (so far)


I have officially been to three ΚΨΕ rush events this past week. On Monday, I went to an informational meeting that helped me get to know what the sorority is about. They also allowed time for questions and answers. What I really liked about this night was learning about how much the Kappas teach the girls about culture, how much they focus on academics, and how much they contribute to the community. The second event I attended was the Meet & Greet. We did many ice breakers and games to get to know the other girls rushing and the girls already in Kappa. The last event of this week was the bonfire. I just came from the bonfire right now and I have to admit, it was not what I expected. The fraternity guys were nice and quirky and the games that went about were my favorite. There was this one game called “jump ship” or something about a boat… And the objective of the game is to find the exact number of people (the number is shouted by the leader) on your boat. So, we mingle… walk around… and when the leader says “SEVEN!,” you better be in a group with seven people and be careful of the people kicking you off their boat. I was booted off near the end of the game, but it was super funny. I’m not sure how it happened, but one of the guys turned me around and I was popped out of the group. Anyway, so far ΚΨΕ has been fun and I have one more week of rush to see if I’m feeling it and if I am willing to commit myself to this organization. I’m still not sure if I do want to go through with it because of how much I am involved all over the place and how much time commitment it will take to do Kappa as well. Thank you Bree for driving me! :) It is nice to know someone already in Kappa to help ease my nervousness and this feeling of being completely lost in this “Greek life” world.


 {Photo from ΚΨΕ – One of the founding mother’s speaking}



 {Photo from ΚΨΕ – Actives & Rushees at Info Night}


 {Photo from ΚΨΕ – Meeting new people at Info Night}


 {Photo fromΚΨΕ – Bonfire with Zeta Mu Beta}


Bonfire event with Zeta Mu Beta
{observe interesting contraption made to cook hotdogs & marshmallows}


{Finally found someone from SCC at CSULB!}


{We rode back to our car on a longboard.}


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