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Ear Piercings Three & Four


I never thought I would want more than my simple two earring piercings, but out of no where… I just decided today that I was going to get a second piercing on my ear lobes. I do eventually want to get a small cartilage piercing. There’s something about piercing that is addicting. It’s liberating and it makes me feel like a brand new, fiesty, sexy person. Who knew piercings four and five would do that? For now I’ll wear earcuffs on my cartilage to see how much I like it before I get the permanent piercing.

I was going through Pinterest and came across some photos that I absolutely fell in love with. (My favorite photos are posted above.) I would never think about getting an industrial piercing — the arrow, but you all know how obsessed I am with arrows…

I knew I wanted a earrings that complimented my style: classy, cute, but strong. Some of the main reasons why I am completely fine with getting more piercings now is because of (1) the Dauntless in Divergent, (2) Laurel on Arrow, and (3) because I just love the look of it. Before I got the piercing I thought long and hard… for about an hour. lol. In the time that I looked for earring piercings and celebrities with piercings and the Top 10 Types of Earing Piercings, I learned SO much about my ears and about the beauty of piercings.

4 FACTS ABOUT PIERCING | Did you know…

  1. The most common form of piercing is ear piercing. The oldest earrings found were dated around 2,500 BC.
  2. Although ear piercing is very common between women, during history many famous men like Julius Caesar , William Shakespeare or Francis Drake wore elaborate earrings.
  3. In Massachusetts, piercing was forbidden by law. In year 2000, this particular law was repealed.
  4. During the punk movement, some had nose and other body piercings as a symbol of rebellion against conservative mores.

WHERE DID I GET IT DONE? At the Claire’s at the Outlets at Orange. They do free ear piercings!

HOW DID IT FEEL? When the worker was wiping my ear down with anti-bacterial stuff and prepping me, the freaking out set it because a little girl (who was there to get her ears pierced too) was watching me intently. I knew I could not flinch or else I would freak her out. Also, it was at that moment when I just realized that the last time I had my ear pierced, I was three or four and my mom was holding me down. I remember getting my first ear piercings at KMart in Hawaii and I also remember not knowing what I was doing. After the first pierce on my left, it set in how much it hurt and by the second one… I was kicking and pushing for my life. I have an uneven earring hole on my right to prove it. Anyway, back to the present, when the worker had the gun ready, she was very nice and very delicate with her hands. I was surprised about how much it did NOT hurt. The only thing that scared me was the quick sound of the gun. Aside from that, I looked in the mirror and I was ecstatic to see these beautiful gold studs on my ears.

So here, you go… my earrings with the cuffs and all :) I am officially obsessed with decorating my ears. The smaller gold ball needs to stay there for 6 weeks for the hole to set in. In the meantime, I shall disinfect my ears with this solution they gave me three times a day. I am taking all necessary precautions to make these piercings a breeze. I refuse to be one of those people who lets it be disinfected, turns red, puffy, and full of puss AND then requiring medical attention. nuh uh. Disinfect 3 times a day. Keep earring in for 6 weeks. THEN, I can decorate.



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